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QUOIN's Success

Part Five in a series of articles on the Association of General Contractors (AGC) and QUOIN, featuring an interview with QUOIN President and CEO Raleigh Roussell.

QUOIN's Success

QUOIN headquarters building in Dallas, TexasQUOIN's efforts over the years have made a significant impact on the Metroplex and the local construction industry. Their training and the safety/environmental programs have led to better qualified local contractors who are more capable of maintaining safe, legally compliant job sites. Just as importantly, QUOIN's constant involvement with government officials and agencies at all levels has created new opportunities for general contractors, improved relations with minority communities, mitigated the effects of legislation that worked against the industry and helped to standardize regulations throughout the Metroplex.

The impact of QUOIN extends beyond Dallas/Fort Worth. Their innovations - like being the first AGC chapter to hire a safety expert and an environmentalist - have been emulated by other chapters, raising the association's level of support for general contractors around the country. The SafetyNet program, which QUOIN is helping to pioneer, has the potential to help general contractors and government agencies all across the United States.

Not surprisingly, the organization has been recognized for their work. In 2002 QUOIN received three awards from the National AGC: The Chapter of Year, the Local Chapter Chairman of Year and the Executive of the Year. A testament to the success of QUOIN's safety program, QUOIN members have won six AGC National Construction Safety Excellence awards (40% of the total number given for the entire country) since 2001.

"Being in the association business my whole life I understand what associations do," said Raleigh Roussell. "There's a real need for an organization like ours. The benefits to a lot of what we do are intangible. But an industry needs a single voice. It needs representation."


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