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Bob Moore Construction Participates in SAFE Stand-Down

Construction Sites Stop Work Across North Texas For 90-Minute Safety Training as Part of Regional AGC Event

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - May 12, 2005 - Bob Moore Construction has announced that they will participate in the Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) Stand-Down at all their jobsites on May 18.

The SAFE stand-down will last for 90 minutes. All projects will be shut down for this period of time so that jobsite supervisors can educate and inform workers on safety-related issues. Specifically, supervisors will focus on training workers to understand safe and unsafe conditions and behaviors, to eliminate hazards, incidents and near-misses. All site superintendents for Bob Moore Construction projects will receive preparatory training in advance of the stand-down to ensure they achieve maximum impact during the event.

Dino Sideris, Safety Director for Bob Moore Construction, believes the stand-down is a big part of developing a new safety mindset. "In 2004 there were 32 construction-related fatalities in North Texas and the industry has seen nine deaths in Dallas and Fort Worth so far this year. For us to reverse that trend we have to develop a new way of thinking about safety for anyone who steps on our jobsite. Safety needs to be a fundamental value - not just something you have to do to stay out of trouble but such an intrinsic part of how workers go about their business that they don't even think about it. That will take training, re-emphasis, monitoring and enforcement all the way up and down a project's organizational structure. The SAFE stand-down will play a very important part in all four of those steps."

Various industry associations, including Associated Builders and Contractors, The Black Contractors Association, QUOIN (the North and East Texas Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America) and The Hispanic Contractors Association of DFW are taking the lead on the SAFE initiative, with support from OSHA.

"Construction is an inherently dangerous business," said Ed McGuire, Vice President of Construction for Bob Moore Construction. "There is always the risk of something happening at a jobsite. But general contractors and subcontractors can do a lot to reduce the risks. We can prepare supervisors for emergencies that come up, equip workers with protective equipment and the knowledge of how to use them, and then be diligent in our inspections and monitoring to ensure everyone follows procedures and works in a safe manner.

"The SAFE stand-down reinforces our commitment to maintain safe jobsites. If we general contractors are willing to shut down multi-million dollar projects so we can talk to every worker about safety, we're going to get their attention. It reaffirms our insistence on safety compliance to our subcontractors, our site superintendents and our employees at every level. We want everyone to be aware that on our jobsites, safety is a requirement that we will enforce very aggressively because we have to, legally, and because we want to. It's the right thing to do."

Print-sized photographs from the QUOIN / AGC Safety Stand Down from General Contractor Bob Moore Construction.

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