2005 AGC / QUOIN Competition
General Contractor Bob Moore Construction hosted the design build portion of the 2005 QUOIN student competition. Click the thumbnail to download the fullsize image.

CRW_3680_RJ CRW_3681_RJ CRW_3682_RJ CRW_3683_RJ CRW_3684_RJ CRW_3685_RJ CRW_3686_RJ CRW_3687_RJ CRW_3688_RJ CRW_3689_RJ CRW_3690_RJ CRW_3691_RJ CRW_3692_RJ CRW_3693_RJ CRW_3694_RJ CRW_3695_RJ CRW_3696_RJ CRW_3697_RJ CRW_3698_RJ CRW_3699_RJ CRW_3700_RJ CRW_3701_RJ CRW_3702_RJ CRW_3703_RJ CRW_3704_RJ CRW_3705_RJ CRW_3706_RJ CRW_3707_RJ CRW_3708_RJ CRW_3709_RJ CRW_3710_RJ CRW_3711_RJ CRW_3714_RJ CRW_3715_RJ CRW_3716_RJ CRW_3717_RJ CRW_3718_RJ CRW_3719_RJ CRW_3720_RJ CRW_3721_RJ CRW_3722_RJ CRW_3723_RJ CRW_3724_RJ CRW_3725_RJ CRW_3726_RJ CRW_3727_RJ CRW_3728_RJ