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Bob Moore Construction has a quarter-century tradition of construction excellence with Mercantile Partners at Mercantile Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Watch this video to learn more.

A Tradition at Mercantile Center - Fort Worth, Texas

For more than a quarter century, Bob Moore Construction has delivered superior buildings, additions and finish-outs at Mercantile Center – a prestigious thousand acre business park in Fort Worth.

This relationship began in 1990, when Bob Moore Construction built its first building for Mercantile Partners – a 150,000 square foot distribution center for Bombay Company.

Since then, Mercantile has turned to Bob Moore for more than 40 projects. These projects at Mercantile Center,  speculative buildings and build-to-suits, span more than 4.5 million square feet. They include

- Distribution centers and warehouses
- Manufacturing facilities
- Food production
- Office
- Banking
- and Retail

Mercantile Center features several distribution centers. Many started as speculative buildings and leased prior to completion for tenants such as New Breed. In such cases, Bob Moore often returned for the tenant finish out as well.

Many of the speculative warehouses and flex spaces were built with multi-tenant setups.

Other projects, like the Dillards distribution center, were constructed directly for the end user.

Bob Moore Construction has built office buildings at Mercantile Center for several companies.

- One of these, a showcase property at Mercantile Center, is Mercantile Plaza, a three story bank and office building.

- American Paint Horse Association is headquartered at Mercantile Center, in an innovative two story office building.

- Sprint made a home at Mercantile Center for a large call center.

- Trane Company has an administrative office and training facility at Mercantile Center as well.

Other companies have called on Bob Moore Construction to create manufacturing facilities at the business park, including
- Kysor Panel Systems
- Plywood Company of Fort Worth
- and Medtronic

Under construction now, the latest Bob Moore addition to Mercantile Center is the TTI distribution center. When finished, this exciting 610,000 square foot facility will be one of the most technologically advanced distribution centers in north Texas.

No other general contractor can match the portfolio at Mercantile Center that Bob Moore Construction has crafted in the last quarter century. This experience means we have the knowledge of the area, the understanding of city requirements, the relationships with top subcontractors and the long-standing relationship with Mercantile Partners to deliver your new building with quality and value.

Bob Moore Construction is the right choice for construction at Mercantile Center.

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