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About Bob Moore Construction

You don’t become one of the nation’s leading builders and general contractors by not taking care of your customers. For seven decades, Bob Moore Construction has had the good fortune of building projects for some of the most famous companies in the U.S. Now you can read their opinions here of what is was like working with us, and the results we delivered for them.

TTI, Inc.

The Bob Moore Construction team bent over backwards to take care of their client. They allowed us to start installing [...] five months before the building was completed. There was a spirit of cooperation; Bob Moore took the approach of, 'What can we do to help you guys move things along?' They were totally flexible, and that had a huge impact on us meeting our schedule.
Bill Speer, National Director of Facilities Planning & Real Estate
TTI, Inc.
Jesse and I worked with Bob Moore Construction before CMC was formed, in the mid-1980s. We hired Bob Moore Construction for a single project, and they did a great job. We used them again, and again. When we formed CMC in 1990 we stayed with Bob Moore and have ever since. Today, 20 years later, we view Bob Moore Construction as an extension of our own team when we present to clients.
Subash Gaitonde, Partner / Principal
CMC - Commercial Realty Group
We have used Bob Moore Construction exclusively since we founded our company in 1990. We stay with the relationship because of the quality service they provide.
Jesse Pruitt, Partner / Principal
CMC - Commercial Realty Group
The best way to describe the relationship with Bob Moore Construction and Alliance Architects is a true partnership. I can't say that in the years I've worked with BMC I've ever had a bad experience. They are very proactive and respond quickly to any and all issues that may arise during the course of the project. When we have faced challenges, BMC consistently offered resources to provide viable solutions to keep the project on track.
Carlos deSaracho, AIA, Principal
Alliance Architects

Tandy Leather

This was our second time to work with Bob Moore Construction and we wanted to do this project with them because of their professionalism on the first project they did for us. They really went out of their way to make sure we were happy with every aspect of the building process.
Jon Thompson, President
Tandy Leather

Rooms To Go – Arlington

It's hard to really appreciate the size of this building. You need to see the aerial photograph to truly get a perspective on just how big it is! . . . I'm very pleased with the building. Bob Moore Construction had an excellent team for this project. Ed McGuire, Larry Knox and the rest of the team were great to work with and were key to how smooth and successful everything went. This project was actually a pleasure.
Bill Colello, Senior Project Manager
Rooms To Go

Northern Tool + Equipment Grand Prairie

This project was an experiment for us. Instead of using the normal submittal process, we got everyone together - Northern Tool, the subcontractors, Bob Moore - and had a submittal party. . . That worked very well, having everyone together, working through it very quickly. This was also the first time we've used tiltwall construction on a Northern Tool project. I'm happy with how well it worked, and how fast it was. It was amazing how quickly the building went up. I was impressed with how Bob Moore's team managed the process and coordinated with everyone. Everyone at Bob Moore was very professional.
Robin Broocks, Director of Project Management
Centdev Properties

Northern Tool + Equipment Grand Prairie

I'm very impressed with the building. Everything looks excellent. The front façade really looks great. We've already received several comments on it. The schedule was very important to us. Bob Moore's team did an excellent job of working with the subcontractors, coordinating and organizing everything to work together and get it done on time.
Brian Graham, Construction Project Manager
Northern Tool + Equipment