Getting Started in the Construction Process: Part 1

Date: October 14, 2019

A new commercial construction project may be the largest expenditure a person or company ever makes. As a result, even for seasoned professionals, the process is exciting, but perhaps daunting at the same time.

This is a four-part series on taking a project from concept to completion. In this first post, I’ll explain the pre-construction process and recommend some tools for your use in getting started.


Start with a discovery call

You don’t need to go-it-alone. You can call Bob Moore Construction at any stage and we’ll help you get pointed in the right direction (we’ve been at it for 70+ years so we have experience in this realm).


Finding a location

Unless you already own the land, you will likely need a real estate developer or broker to assist in site selection and acquisition. The developer or broker can get preliminary info from a civil engineer on buildability and make sure the site has promise. If you want a real estate developer at your side, check out this directory.



However you finance the project, you’ll want a budget before you finalize the land purchase and move forward with full design. Our experience, knowledge of the local markets in Texas, and database of historical costs allows us to provide highly accurate estimates based on preliminary information. Even with limited information at early stages, we can usually provide a budget within 10% of the final costs.


Selecting an architect and engineer

A qualified architect and engineer are critical to your project’s success. Check out resources such as the American Institute of Architects ( for member firms. We’ve also provided a directory on our website. Look for experienced designers with expertise in your project type. We usually recommend an initial meeting to introduce the team and make sure the team works well together.

Check out our second installment for next steps…


Preview: At this point, you’ve got a team in place. In our next post, we’ll cover design and permitting. In this phase you’re ready to design the project, finalize your cost / contract with your design-builder / general contractor, finalize your permits with the city, finalize your financing and prepare to break ground.


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