Infinity Laboratories

Infinity Laboratories

Location: Lewisville, Texas

In August 2021, Infinity Laboratories announced a strategic partnership with Steri-Tek. As part of the partnership, Infinity Laboratories will occupy a 5,000 square-foot section of the facility to be utilized as a laboratory. The new laboratory location will provide routine sterility assurance testing which will include: bioburden, BI sterility, endotoxin, microbial identification, product sterility, and more.

With an enhanced focus in the areas of chemical and microbiological sciences, Infinity Laboratories is a powerful network of state-of-the-art testing facilities that are FDA Registered, ISO 17025 Accredited and DEA licensed. Additional services offered by Infinity Laboratories include EO sterilization services, packaging testing, consulting services, environmental monitoring of controlled environment rooms, calibration, qualification, as well as preventative maintenance and repair services on a wide range of laboratory and process instruments for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing locations.


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